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Social Media Manager Work: Truths and Lies

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Given the turmoil of recent months and the great expectations raised on the “recent” job of Social Media Manager, we will try to shed some “light” about it. From our point of view, you can agree or disagree on some points. In these cases, the comments option you can write what you want. Respectful and post the content that add value.

Let’s start with the truth about working from Social Media Manager:

1. The Social Media Manager works long hours:

It’s true. Normal, a Social Media Manager can be passed seamlessly throughout the workday, boosting social networks, blogs, comments, and in some cases brand reputation online. When it comes to Social Media professionals who manage communities of large companies or brands on the market, which can receive many customer complaints, the schedule of the Social Media Manager can be 10 hours per day and extended until 9 or 10 pm. While not all cases, large companies usually have a team working for Social Media Management.

2. A prestigious Social Media Manager must have a strong background and experience:

It’s true. A formal academic training in the area of ​​marketing, public relations, journalism in some cases, it is essential for anyone aspiring to get a job as Social Media Manager. In addition to this formaciónbásica, specialized courses in the area of ​​Social Media, SM Manager, and even courses online advertising or SEO (search engine optimization) are of great value and utility for a Social Media Manager, and are a great asset when be enforced in a selection process or a job interview for the post. Therefore, the more training available, the better. This point becomes even more relevant in the case of medium-sized enterprises, in which the Social Media Manager will have to deal only next to the computer-webmaster, the whole issue of online reputation, positioning, interactions, etc.. Also note that a good training in Relationship Marketing and Customer Loyalty techniques, it is a very supportive for those who wish to be hired as community managers.

3. The profession Social Media Manager is booming :

True, it is already an established truth that social networks in companies and interaction with users has come to stay, and will be needed continuously, professionals who manage. A separate issue is whether the functions of the Social Media Manager vary or expanded as time goes on. Quite possibly yes, and that this profession will evolve and transform.

Now for some of the “lies”, or rather, false beliefs about the work of Social Manager:

1. The Social Media Manager earns much money, they earn a salary of 40,000 euros/dollars:

It´s false in most cases. actual salary of a Social Media Manager does not approach that amount, let alone exceeded. We talk about Spain. The vast majority of Social Media Managers are freelancers or are employed in any advertising or communication agency, which has been externally Social Media management for your customers. Typically, these agencies’ salaries are usually not as high. The professional category of a Social Media Manager, may be similar to that of an experienced marketing, although this varies according to the idiosyncrasies of each employer. Only in cases of large companies or brands that have an online marketing department itself, in-house is the specific term and that their communications have a major impact at the national level, the salary of the Social Media Managers if they can approach that amount, being understandable given the degree of responsibility they have with the brand-company that has contracted.

2. The Social Media Manager is “famous” and invite a lot lectures and events:

This is false. Except the so called “gurus”, the vast majority of Social Media professionals are not known, nor have thousands and thousands of followers on Twitter (although the brands they manage), and often attend events occasionally. It is a misconception, or to convince the population that just because you work in an area as socially and boom, go get a social relevance that raises the level of being a person recognized. First, because they are the same companies who are interested in having their Social Media Manager, not the shadow, that’s unfair, if a discrete position to favor in fact, that they can fulfill their duties in the most efficient as possible without distractions. Full stop are the leading practitioners of teaching in social media, editorialists usual media, lecturers, teachers masters, etc..

3. The Social Media Manager can work from home, even with your iphone or mobile:

It is a big lie, it also discredits the costly and difficult work of a Social Media Manager. This work is not like being in a chat with friends on Facebook or Twitter, or be answering messages from users on the Facebook wall quietly, like a person would answer to his friends in their profile. NO, this is a serious job that requires lots of concentration, discipline, dedication to the work done, know a way to take care of the expressions and words that are written on social networks, know how to answer complaints, how to answer complaints response which protocols to use, and know how to care and engage users of the brand, result in creating positive experience. Obviously, not something that can be made for 8 hours a ipad, sitting on the couch in your home, or replys on Twitter answering the phone while shopping. NO. Devices like the iphone and the phone can be used in times of emergency or outside the traditional working hours (especially in the case of freelance community managers), but never the common constant in the case of companies with Social Media Manager in-house.

So far our discussion of truth and lies about working from Social Media Manager. As we spelled out at first, who you may have things to tell us, where no points coincidáis aspects you please highlight, disponéis the comments option below this article for it.

Will welcome comments respectful and help us all to go deleting the last “dark clouds” that are on this issue.

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Hi there, after reading this amazing post i am also delighted to share my
experience here with friends.

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hi mini, i am a social worker from India, those who did msw with me in India had all taken Human resources as specialisation, one of my friends got a job in Mico Bosch, starting salary was Rs.30,000/ month. but he happened to be lucky, not all my friends were lucky. The problem with HR MSW is that they prefer MBA HR graduate to MSW HR graduate unless u have graduated from Tata institute. its always better to stick on to hospital based social work. and of course as a social worker ur future is always better in USA than India. with my degree from India I had to struggle a lot initially. in fact I struggled for two years. But now I am getting $20/ hr as a case manager in psychiatric setting. u can never get such high salary as social worker in India unless u happened to be exceptionally lucky.

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